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For all your NinjaTrader Indicator and Trade Strategy requirements

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MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework

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Product Description

MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework

The MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework download comprises of all of the MT NinjaTrader Framework strategies & Indicators from MicroTrends in one easy to install pack. Also includes the Position sizing, order entry, trade management user interface the MT Easy Trader, templates, workspaces & settings database.   Lease it or own it, free updates included and support forums, live trading support desk  9.30 EST to 15:30 EST - for support detail and more information please see below:

MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework Payment Plans

The best value is to purchase MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework outright and have this powerful trading platform and all future versions of it for life! If you plan to trade for a long time then purchasing a lifetime license is the best value since it will save you money when compared to our ‘Lease’ plans. We make it extremely easy for you by offering two different payment plans… You choose!

Includes all NinjaTrader supported brokers

Multi Broker Monthly Lease

A monthly payment of $99

Multi Broker Life Time License Installment Plan

Single payment of $1,495 or 4 monthly payments of $375

MicroTrends NT Framework - Lifetime License Payment Plan
  Number of payments 4
  Start payments At checkout
At checkout $375.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 3) $375.00 USD
Total $1,500.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework 7 Self Assisted Support

MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework 7  - Self Assisted Trading Model

The system installer will install with some basic turnkey templates that demonstrate a certain trading style across many strategies- which you can assess and change if you want. We supply the software, but no results, no back tests, no assistance with trading advice - only the usage of the trading system features.

We are not regulated and cannot legally offer any trading advice or investment advice/ trading system setup advice - we remain compliant in that we do not offer claims or advice requiring audit or regulation - and pass the saving on to the end user… regulation in the UK is £100,000…then the cost of continuous auditing and working practices means we would not be in business.
We just give you the tech to use and experiment with so you have your own evidence - you pick and choose and decide.  You see the what works for you first hand, no claims and no sales.. We certainly can offer support with settings to suit your trading plan or demonstrate a trading premise and can offer configuration advice to show you how to configure systems to trade in  a certain way to benefit from certain market cycles- for example you might find you like a high win ratio  - versus a low win ratio - so therefore we can show how to configure that and explain the effects of that on risk reward, trade frequency and expectancy etc..
Our model is unique yet very simple in that we offer the most sophisticated software package on the market for NinjaTrader and allow you to use it how you see fit in your own time scale. We do not put pressure on you to test and decide to buy before you are ready with free limited free trials, we offer unlimited free trials…which can take you weeks or even months, years - you only need a license when you are ready to live trade.  Your learning is self-assisted  via forum, help desk and self experimentation - so you have the facts and the belief in what you are using... hence the price point.

Also what we offer is a unique product, the MT NinjaTrader Framework is a tool set of popular trading systems and components -   that can be traded in their own right semi or fully automatic or they can be mixed together and traded according to your rules and design without any coding knowledge or requirement.

Suggested learning approach:

MT Signals Indicators

So first of all you should learn about Signals Indicators - these contain algorithms that trade in a certain way - you would start off by learning what they do and how they work. How to use them on a chart and understand how to visually backtest them on different chart dataseries and session templates.

MT Easy Trader- Trade Manager

Semi-Automatic Trading

In realtime trading on a sim account - learn about how to semi-automatic trade using the MT Easy Trader - so that your entry is manual but the exit automatically controlled with advance trade management - you would learn about that - how to configure and setup up for your trade psychology - i.e. short scalps or longer position style trades.   

Fully Automatic Trading

Then you would look an automatic trading, so that you are not clicking a buy or sell to enter - a signal from one of the signals indicators is specifying when to enter… so you would learn: about the strategy which trades its embedded signals indicators. How to use it on a chart and understand how to visually backtest on different chart dataseries and session templates. How to use the NinjaTrader strategy analyzer, how to realtime test and assess and track performance stats, simulate live trading conditions and the required routines.

Trade Plan Decision

After you decide which Signals/Strategies/s you gel with,  you should decide if you want to mix them together in your own rule set or try to trade them singularly on your own basis and trade plan rules.  You would also decide if you wanted to try to configure for automatic trading or to allow semi-automatic  etc. So you can interact and decide when to switch on and off based perhaps on news days, or the results of a sim robot real-time trading analysis to guide your "launch or side-line" approach with the live account system…
Then when you have formulated your trading plan - you would then assess your real-time stats and make a decision about your capital requirements, trading times and rules.


I would suggest you should be prepared to spend 3 to 6 months on that process.  Some traders simply like to use the MT Framework in ways they interpret for themselves and don’t all follow that approach I have outline above…  you can use it how you decide. But for strategy trading you will save many weeks of time following the suggested route.


So this system is for self-motivated, experimental types of traders with plenty of time and will require or learn a good technical understanding and capability - or those traders who want a large tool-set of different indicators and tools to test.   So even though the tech might be very advanced you might not gel with it- or have time to learn.

How to get started with MicroTrends NinjaTrader Framework 7


MT Signals Indicators


MT Strategies & MT Easy Trader 

Please watch the videos and then and then we consider how you want to trade so we can assist with your settings to match your trade plan. Please send all technical support questions to the help desk support@microtrends.co

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